Agriculture at Fartaritx

Fartaritx had been an important farm for Pollença since the Middle Ages, and until the 20th century it was quite isolated and inaccessible in Mallorca.
The main crops grown were cereals, olives, fruit and vegetables. The cereals were ground in its own mill and taken to Pollença with the other products by donkey.
Fartaritx also has a snow house, which was filled with snow in winter and ice (also by donkey) was brought to Pollença in spring. The snow house is the only one still preserved in Europe today.

With the emerging tourism Fartaritx was abandoned (like most fincas on Mallorca) and lay fallow for over 60 years.

Since 2016 we have started to reactivate the old areas. In 2018 we created a test plantation with 54 trees to test which fruits grow best in this climate. We are already harvesting avocado, almonds, hazelnuts, apples, apricots, Quito oranges, tomato, kaki and guajava. In 2019 we have created a 2 hectare test field and planted calendula, echinacea, thyme and rosemary. The first harvest is promising. 

We farm exclusively according to ecological guidelines and are registered as an organic farm with the Ministry of Agriculture of Mallorca (
We are currently studying the best ways to market our products. If you are interested please contact us by email: